The Personal, the Political and the Spiritual

Author and advocate Jim Brown believes that restoring civility will go along way towards reversing the nation’s political dysfunction. And that striving to do so is as much an internal process as it is an external one. In this increasingly polarized climate, Brown says, the way to political recovery and spiritual renewal begins with a practice that is at the heart of the world’s great religions: love your enemy. In this podcast, Brown describes the process that led him to write his book, Ending Our Uncivil War: A Path to Political Recovery and Spiritual Renewal. He explains how working with the homeless transformed him, how he practices what-he-calls agape while working as a professional advocate, and why he believes a commitment to selfless love is essential to political recovery and spiritual renewal. Brown is the Tennessee State Director for the National Federation of independent Business.

I’m the director of the Sacred Inclusion Network, originator of Sacred Conversations and the author of Notes for a New Age.

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